HerJewellery Crown Bracelet Black

HerJewellery Crown Bracelet Black

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- The Couple crown bracelets.
- These royal crown bracelets are perfect to show everyone that you are his queen / her king.
- The matching design of the wristband pair makes it obvious, you belong together.
- No matter if you have a long-distance relationship or you are separated for only a couple of days, the crown bracelets will make you feel close and connected.

- 8mm black matte agate lava stone
- Length: 18cm stretch band
- Crown: alloy metal with rhinestones

Care instructions:
- Avoid contact with water: do not wear jewellery when in the swimming pool, while bathing or showering, this may tarnish the jewellery and weaken the links and strands.
- Dry jewellery thoroughly, in case of exposure to water.
- Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as cleaning products and perfumed products, e.g. soap, oils, perfume, hairspray and lotions.
- Always put jewellery on last as a finishing touch
- Wipe jewellery clean gently with a soft cloth if necessary.
- Store away in a safe place to avoid tangling and damage and do not tug or pull at the strands

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