About Us

I remember walking into a store to try and purchase a gift for a loved one some 8 years ago and looked around, picked up a few pieces and was left with the daunting question.."Will she like it ?" I think we have all been there, trying to find a piece of jewellery that's personal to someone or ourselves, this search is what lead to this store being born.

Having purchased items from various overseas online boutiques, we settled on one incredible Jewellery house, Destiny Jewellery, who we are exclusive agents for in South Africa. We work very closely with them, monitoring trends and creating pieces that are more then just a piece of jewellery. We were one of the first to launch a Birthstone range in 2016 and it remains as one of the most popular gifting pieces.The best feeling there is, is gifting someone something and have their eyes light up with the incredible sparkle of Swarovski® crystals. 

Leading on from our partnership with Destiny, we then signed on with Swarovski® directly giving us access to their full range of crystal, charms and other items. This also allowed us to track our crystal via our GSK from Swarovski®  to factory to us, thus insuring that our clients receive genuine and quality products.